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EcoFest 2024

EcoFest 2024 is a month-long celebration of our unique environment and sustainable living across Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. As part of this Festival we are very pleased to offer a taster ReWilding Workshop as a way to connect you with Mauri Noho, Conscious Living. "This term describes a meaningful existence, living in peace and harmony with oneself, the environment and others. The word ‘Noho’ means to settle and whilst there are many definitions for the word ‘Mauri’ in this context it reminds us to be conscious of our surroundings, actions, thoughts, and words in the places we frequent. Therefore, these events talk of respect for all living things great and small, teaching us to tread lightly and leave nothing but footprints behind."

EcoFest ReWilding Workshop 23 March 2024 10.30am - 12.30pm

This workshop is open to all adults (18 years and older) capable of walking through the bush on a well-maintained track with a gentle incline, and in open grassland (not suitable for children, sorry). It will be a short two-hour taster of the day-long workshops we are offering throughout 2024-25, beginning 4th May.

Here is a short summary and you can find further information about the whole programme on the ReWilding page.

ReWilding means re-establishing relationships of reverence and reciprocity with the natural world through ritual, ceremony, activity and deeply embodied connection. ReWilding offers ways of profoundly slowing down, mentally and physiologically, which has a significant effect on health and wellbeing. You'll grow your capacity for deep attention, inwardly and outwardly.

We will guide the group in crossing the threshold into the therapeutic space of the wild, and slowly walking to begin your sense of immersion and connection. 

You'll have the opportunity for time alone to pay deep attention to all aspects of your surroundings. We will offer you guidance for deepening this experience. We will also offer you an activity that explores a particular aspect of your experience.

Coming back together as a group is the space to share and process what the experience was like, and how it fits into your history and sense of self. This enables you to recognise how deeply interconnected you are with the rest of the living world, as well as your social and cultural ways of being. Essentially this means enlivening your Ecological Self.


Use the Register button below and we'll be in touch to confirm the details of the location, things to bring, and any travel information you may need.

Check out the EcoFest website for more information about this wonderful community-led event.