Wild Healing Waiheke
Ecotherapy & Psychotherapy


Within our existing society, we suffer (in varying degrees) a separation from other living beings and forms in the natural world. This suffering threatens our mental, physical, spiritual and collective wellbeing. This separation is at the root of the climate crisis, created and perpetuated by humans during our relatively recent history.

The essence of Ecotherapy is about enlivening and deepening your connections within the rest of the living world. You can reclaim your ancient knowing of ecological self, alongside individual, relational, and cultural selves. Ecotherapy aims to restore your mutual and reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world.

Generally, humans have forgotten our sacred/spiritual role of guardian and lover of Mother Earth. Collectively, we need to transition to new ways of fulfilling this role. Ecotherapy offers you support and encouragement while you grapple with the uncertainty, ambiguity, and not-knowingness of this transition.

Ecotherapy and Psychotherapy support and compliment each other. All the issues and experiences we bring to Psychotherapy are embedded in the ecological systems we occupy. Our many selves will ebb and flow between the figure and ground of our attention and curiosity, seeking growth and integration into wholeness and interconnectedness.

What informs my practice?

Ecotherapy is grounded in the principles and philosophies of Deep Ecology which recognises all living beings and forms as equally worthy as human beings. It emphasises the fundamental interconnectedness of the living world. Early thinkers in this movement, Arne Naess and Joanna Macy, highlight the need for profound change to the economic, technological, and ideological structures of human existence which continue to do alarming damage to the ecosystems we live within.

Part of our disconnect from the more-than-human world is rooted in our loss of ancient animistic and archetypal knowledge. Reclaiming this knowledge, in whatever tradition you may have ties to, can be a profound shift in your ecological consciousness.