Wild Healing Waiheke
Ecotherapy & Psychotherapy

Registration form

As part of your registration, we will ask you to confirm you have read, understood and agree to the responsibilities and conditions described on a Disclaimer Declaration. These are described below.

Some participants may wish to ask their GP to make a referral. GPs may use the Referral button below.

If you have any questions or need clarification before agreeing, please get in touch with us using the details on the Contact page.

Disclaimer Declaration

Facilitator Responsibilities


- We commit to keeping the stated workshop and Zoom session dates, with clear start and finish times. 

- We are unlikely to ask you to reschedule a workshop date unless severe weather requires this, and only in exceptional circumstances need to cancel. 

- We will maintain clear boundaries in our roles as facilitators. If we encounter each other outside the group context we will leave it to you to acknowledge us, if you wish to. We'll not be offended if you don’t.


- We are responsible for making all the arrangements for working in and with the wild. This includes transport on Waiheke island and the choice of appropriate location/s (outdoor and indoor).

- We will offer particular activities and processes that facilitate you being immersed in the wild.


- We are responsible for considering the appropriate Health and Safety issues involved in being outdoors, using risk assessments, and making sure we have access to facilities needed.

- Prior to each session we will provide you with an equipment list required for the day

Group experience

- We have the responsibility for holding, containing, and facilitating the process of the group dynamics. We will have a focus on each group member as well as the group-as-a-whole. 

- We strive to uphold the principles and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi


Participant Responsibilities


- I will pay my fees least one week prior to each Waiheke workshop, and prior to or on the day of each Zoom session.


- I will give at least one week's notice if I cannot attend a session (whatever the reason). If I do not give this minimum notice by phone, text or email I will pay the full fee for that session. 


- I am physically and psychologically fit to participate in this programme as described on the Wild Healing Waiheke website

- I have disclosed any medical conditions to the group leaders that may affect my safety, or the safety of the group


- I will bring all equipment to each workshop as requested by the facilitators 

- I appreciate that this programme may be hazardous by its nature and I accept that a certain element of risk is inherent in outdoor activities.

- I understand that if I choose not to take the safety advice given to me by the programme facilitators, I am personally liable for the outcome.

- I have taken out appropriate insurance relevant to the this programme, if any.

- I understand my rights as a client of therapeutic services are protected by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. 


Equipment List

This list is not exhaustive, and we may ask you to bring other items relevant for the experiences or activities. We encourage you to carry as little extra as possible, to stick with the essentials listed below. Everything our group carries into the wild, we will all carry out of the wild.

Your facilitators will provide morning tea, and be carrying a comprehensive First Aid Kit, a large tarp, extra water, toilet paper/trowel, and activity supplies as needed.

Clothing (season- and weather-appropriate)

Waterproof walking shoes/tramping boots/gumboots

- Light socks (Spring, Summer); Warm socks (Autumn, Winter)

- Light t-shirt (Spring, Summer); Thermal top (Autumn, Winter)

- Light sweater (Spring, Summer); Woollen/thermal sweater (Autumn, Winter)

- Shorts/Light pants/leggings (Spring, Summer); add Thermal leggings (Autumn, Winter)

*we recommend you do not wear denim jeans or shorts as these take a long time to dry if you get wet*

- Sunhat/cap (Spring, Summer); Woollen/thermal hat (Autumn, Winter); Scarf/gloves optional (Autumn, Winter)

- Swimsuit/togs and small towel (all seasons!)

- Waterproof raincoat (all seasons); waterproof leggings optional (all seasons)


Equipment (all seasons and weather)

Waterproof daypack 

- Small foam mat or cushion for sitting on (we suggest something like a garden kneeler) and/or small tarp.

- Torch/headlamp

- Emergency blanket (can be purchased from outdoor stores)

- Sunblock and insect repellent

- Any personal medications you may need

- 1 litre water bottle

- Thermos with hot drink (optional)

- Lunch (generous and nutritious)

- Snack/scroggin/trail mix

- Compass (or compass app on your cellphone)

- Binoculars (optional)

- Small notebook with pen/pencil

- Rubbish bag (large enough to pick up human litter you may come upon in the wild, as well as taking your own home)

- Spare drawstring bag to carry your shoes/boots in while you are going barefoot