Wild Healing Waiheke - Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, & ReWilding

Kia ora, welcome to a growthful 2024

Hello, curious seekers of health and wellbeing. I'm pleased to have three unique therapeutic offerings to assist your journey of healing. All three processes offer transformational experiences, depending on what you wish to focus upon.

Psychotherapy & Counselling for individuals

Weekly 'talk therapy' with different focuses, ranging from better problem-solving to an evolving sense of self in the world.

Group Therapy

An enriching weekly process of sharing your experiences with others, co-creating learning and growth.

ReWilding Workshops 

ReWilding means re-establishing relationships of reverence and reciprocity with the natural world through ritual, ceremony, activity and deeply embodied connection. This is a group experience of eight day-long sessions in the wild throughout the year, each with a 90-minute follow up Zoom call. 

We are offering a two-hour taster ReWilding Workshop as part of EcoFest 2024

Check out each process for further information, and I look forward to talking with you about which options meet your desires for growth and transformation.

About Raquel Beeby, MNZAP

Psychotherapy and counselling have been my passion for more than 30 years, working in several community agencies with a wide variety of individuals and couples. I've also enjoyed some years in clinical roles in the corporate world. My private practice has flourished since 2012. 

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy) and a Full Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists/Te Rōpū Whakaora Hinengaro (NZAP). I served on the Board of the Aotearoa New Zealand Transactional Analysis Association (ANZTAA) between 2013-2022, holding several Executive roles, including President.

I also have a BA (Psychology), Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, and Level 1 Certificate in Narrative Therapy. I completed a two-year Group Therapy training programme in 2023. 

ReWilding myself is transformational and a life-long journey of opening up to and learning from the rest of the living world. I am seeking ways to be in emergent and expansive relationships of reciprocity and reverence. In 2022 I participated in The Work That Reconnects online training and continue my own research and exploration of Animism and Deep Ecology practices. I hold a current certificate of Outdoor First Aid. 

As a child, I daydreamed cradled in the arms of a magnolia tree. Resinous fragrance enveloped my conversations with woodshed slaters. I got ‘lost and found’ in the wilds of bush, ocean and mountains. Fishing for rainbow trout in burbling streams, prying stubborn mussels off craggy rocks, boiling a campfire billy, falling asleep to a ruru’s lullaby. I swam with pond frogs in an Iranian desert oasis! These elemental experiences were so sensuous and made porous my sense of the boundary between my self and the wild.

Adulting life of academic study, clinical, corporate and community work, and urban child-raising got in the way of my deepfelt connection to the wild, and blinded me to the loss of this extended family. That was, until a deep South tree told me I ‘belong’. And, the sparkling waters of Waiheke Island stole my heart and reawakened my soul.